(n) Open face pie, often utilizing a tomato based sauce and cheese, and baked. Many variations apply.

(n) The fifth food group
"Someone dial up Domino's"
"That shit ain't real pizza..."
by Bystrick March 23, 2003
A rather delicious substance brought to us by the hard labour of cows, farmers, dairymen, tomato growers, and Italian men alike
Person 1: "brb"
Person 2: "Where ya goin'?"
Person 1: "To eat pizza ofc"
by Ziltoid February 10, 2009
pizza = awesome
awesome = pizza

use it just like the word "awesome"
"dude... thats fuckin pizza!"
by ChickenNoodleSprayPaint April 07, 2005
The TRUE sacred, legendary, and forbidden food of the god's. It was first brought to us by the italian's.
Fuck ambrosia, Pizza is the real food of the god's.
by doomrider7 March 10, 2007
A type of open pie that you put sauce and toppings on top of a flat dough disc and bake in an oven.
I ordered a beef and mushroom pizza from Domino's.
by thug February 18, 2003
Pizza is possibly... no, definitely the most important thing ever created on Planet Earth. Many a social occasion is either improved or based around a Pizza. It is appropriate to eat anywhere, aquatinted by anyone. For example; A restaurant with your work colleagues which is usually a diabolically miserable situation, but if you ordered pizza you'd forget all your troubles. It is also very suitable as a light snack during sleepovers or when out with friends whilst feeling on the slightly peckish side. People believe that the origin of Pizza is Le Italia whereas it has been argued that the traditional pizza we know and devour today actually originates from America, however we're too fucking lazy to check or to be honest give a fuck. Oh, in addition to the previous fact, be careful not offend vegetarians buy buying Pizza with meat as a topping, that is why they sell vegetarian friendly Pizza.
by BicciIsSexy February 03, 2011
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