uncommon slang for weed, or pot. many different variations such as crust=blunt, a slice=dimesac, whole pizza=an ounce, bite of pizza=one hit, cup=pipe, somehow related is a tortilla, which is a joint, a pizza box is a bag.
"Yo dawg, i got a whole pizza the other day, in a tight box too, i took some bites off the crust from once slice, while my homies took some in a cup and one had a fat tortilla."
by DJ Cundy May 28, 2005
the code word for weed when talking about weed and you dont want ppl to know like copes or parents.
yo want to get some pizza today ?

man i am full on pizza ?

lets get from joeys pizzeria

does he deliver

by jim who smokes weed June 10, 2009
a word used by stoners for a joint.
"were going to make a pizza, want some?"
by hjfdsjaflsa_stoner_hjfdsjaflsa January 04, 2008
also "pizza toppings". Psychedelic mushrooms.
Hey c'mon over, we're gonna eat some pizza and get stupid!
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
this pizza tastes like crap
by Cogahi February 21, 2009
a girls vagina or pussy
i fucked that girls pizza.
by iruledthisworldbitch125 January 23, 2009
A code for Marijuana. Not very widely known but should be. When buying a "slice" you are buying an 1/8th of marijuana because pizza is broken up into 8 slices. so if you want a whole ounce you say you want a whole pizza.get it?
1:yo man can i get a slice of pizza?
2: you want an 1/8th?
1: ya thats what I just said dumbass
by Cj Bird December 05, 2007

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