the best food in your body
by tyler cassidyyy July 14, 2003
Greg: Hey Man, I just smoked a 10 bag of pizza yesterday
Cooper: Oh Nice dude!!!!!!
by Cooper.Schilling December 14, 2009
The act of spreading small amounts of cocaine on a sheet of aluminum foil and dribbling small amounts of water and spreading it out then lighting the other side of the aluminum foil while inhaling the smoke.
Yo let's go over to reggie's house and smoke some pizzas today!
by TopNotchChef June 10, 2009
like sex,
when its good, its GREAT!
&&& when its bad, its still pretty good.
omg, omg, omg, oh yes yes yes yes yes yes your so hot. you mlet in my mouth. oh god, YES YES YES YES YES. damn that was some good pizza. i think was orgasmic.
Great way to order weed on the phone because it's easily divided into portions corresponding to bag sizes.
Russ: Hey, let's order some pizza. How much do you want?
Steve: I only need an eigth.
Russ: I'll take a half.


Dealer: S'up
Russ: We need a pizza.
by me in capital hill March 18, 2006
The tastiest thing to come out of Italy until Monica Bellucci came along.
There's nothing quite like a hot plate of pizza, a cold soft drink, and a good movie on the TV.
by Deej July 22, 2004
The official college frat boy food - after ramen noodles and Eazy Mac
College student: I'm hungry - lets grab a Dominos pizza
by kyster23 April 17, 2011
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