Pizzas are made by adding tomatoes onto a round and flat dough and can be added any local flavors that suits your taste buds. They taste great, however, they're very expensive.
I only buy and eat a pizza a year cause it's very expensive.
by Sean O'Mearaz January 08, 2006
codename for sex. yeah thats pretty much it but it said there has to be 20 letters so i'm using up letters.
Dude, I heard they had pizza the other night!
by RRAACCHHEELL March 29, 2008
The funniest show on Australian television. Known for Burnouts and other irresponsible driving habits, violence, racially offensive content(to all concievable races populating the country) sexist cliches and bad rap
Did you see Paulie bash up that cop on PIZZA last night? What a classic!
fully sick
by habib August 12, 2003
Code word for Marjuana.
Dude, what if there was pizza flavored pizza?
by GirlMutiny May 08, 2007
Derived in the 610 KOP of Pernnsylvania a small suburb outside of philadelphia by the youth jungleist movement it was slang used to hide from supreme beings of the underworld. It means..... weed
Hey man lets go eat some pizza and call up some bitches
by 610 pretty boys March 25, 2006
Another word for your fathers hidden condoms
Wheres the pizza?!?!?!

What kinda pizza do you like?
Papa Johns....
by Michelle Dicola February 01, 2009
The slapping of someone's hip, usually in response to a corn dog or tuna sandwich.
Wow, Guad tuna sandwiched me, so I had to pizza her back!
by G4Lboi February 01, 2009

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