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Code name for doing the deed. The dirty deed!
When you dont want anyone to know what you did last night... "You made pizza"
"Me and my boyfriend Made pizza this weekend it was great!"

Sara:"Hey Amanda what do you want to do this weekend"
Amanda: Lets make PIZZA....But dont tell Taylor!
by mike hunt 001 December 12, 2008
A slang term for marijuana. A slice usually refers to an 8th of marijuana.
"Dude, I wanna get a slice of that pizza" "word, I'll hit you up when I get the pizza"
by Holly Noel August 19, 2008
One of the two options one can take when making decisions, the other being french fry. Usually the wrong decision. Sometimes refers to the X and Triangle buttons on the Sony PlayStation controller.
"Dude, you totally pizza'd when you were supposed to french fry, and you got shot!
by Black Dragon January 28, 2008
the best food in your body
by tyler cassidyyy July 14, 2003
Greg: Hey Man, I just smoked a 10 bag of pizza yesterday
Cooper: Oh Nice dude!!!!!!
by Cooper.Schilling December 14, 2009
The act of spreading small amounts of cocaine on a sheet of aluminum foil and dribbling small amounts of water and spreading it out then lighting the other side of the aluminum foil while inhaling the smoke.
Yo let's go over to reggie's house and smoke some pizzas today!
by TopNotchChef June 10, 2009
Another word for your fathers hidden condoms
Wheres the pizza?!?!?!

What kinda pizza do you like?
Papa Johns....
by Michelle Dicola February 01, 2009