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A song written and recorded by Raimondo, the insane foreign language teacher. It was recorded with a synthesizer, drums, and an acoustic guitar. The song repeats the same notes over and over again, and has the "artist" sing "This is the PizZA song, this is the PizZA song" in a high, freakish falsetto voice before falling into a more serious, baritone voice. Also included are some horrible ad-libs, such as "One tomato, just one tomato" and "I'm the pizza boy, i bring your pizza joy"
"This is the Pizza Song, this is the pizza song, this is the pizza song"

"Theres no need to mix!"

"Did u download the pizza song yet? u gotta hear it!"
by Il Postino April 03, 2006
In filk music, a song that goes on so long you can order a pizza and have it arrive before the song ends. Often a very long ballad, or an add-your-own-verse song.
Don't try to sing a pizza song without an excellent memory and a lot of practice.
by Nathniel August 01, 2007

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