For someone to be a pizza face, there face must be so covered in greece and acne, that it is mistakable for a pizza.
Ryan: yo man mike is such a pizza face hes never gonna talk to a girl for the rest of his life
TJ: yea i know what a cocksucking douche bag, unless he gets rid of that pizza face he aint gonna have any friends left
Mike: Durrrr im the next hugh heghner. i already rented dancing midgets for my cage. you wana video tape my cat on your dog?
by Jake E. September 01, 2006
Top Definition
An offensive term telling people that they have bad acne
Girl with acne: Dorothy, you're such a slut, you ugly bitch.
Dorothy: Get Neugtrogena, pizzaface.
by Yours Truly June 24, 2004
A face that is so covered in acne the skin underneath cannot be seen.
"Harry Jones has a pizza face!"
"Yeah I know, what a twat."
by Harry 'The Hermit' Jones March 19, 2005
A pizza face is either someone or their face that is so covered in acne (pimples/zits), that the skin beneath is hard to make out.
Man, Jordan is pimply.
Yeah, what a pizza face.
by Kame2000 December 24, 2005
A person with alot of acne on their face
Wow!, Jessie has a pizzaface.
by John April 27, 2005
A person with really bad acne resulting in a red greasy face... Just like pizza!
Looking at Jeffery's pizza face makes me want to barf at the sight of pizza. nasty.
by Jessi Fishurrr January 08, 2007
A face that is so covered in acne no-one can see the skin underneath.
"Harry Jones has a pizza face"
"Yeah I know, what a twat"
by Harry 'The Hermit' Jones March 19, 2005
A face covered in blood, resulting from eating out a girl while she is menstruating, and the untimely menstrual discharge covering the muncher's face.
Aaron: How was your night after you left the party with that chick?
John: I don't want to talk about it.
Aaron: Come on man, spill the beans.
John: Dude, I got some bad Pizza Face, and you know that sort of stuff grosses me out to the max
by 7Raulphie June 24, 2011
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