a delicious band
"Some say it's their worst album, but 'Trompe le Monde' is a totally underrated Pixies album."
by spiritualdishwasher November 05, 2003
An awesome band that will levitate you into a whole new world and give you a kick in the nuts. Their songs are powerful and will give you chills. Rock me Joe!
The guitarist of the Pixies can give his guitar screaming orgasms.
by matchflame July 27, 2004
one of the greatest fucking bands ever. nirvana may have never existed without them...which may or may not be a good thing.

the pixies are currently on tour along with the distillers, another awesome fucking band.
the pixies are fucking rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by alissenn manssenn November 06, 2004
what owns you.
You can gouge away, stay all day, if you want to...
by scoutnibblett May 19, 2004
the greatest band ever, great music. just class.
sease to resist, given my good bye, drive my car into the ocean, u think im there but i sail away, on a wave of mutilation. sweet
by polly May 04, 2004
a really cute girl who likes to tease boys!!!!
That girl is after my man, she is a real pixy.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
the best band ever
the pixies are the shiznit
by Jesus June 14, 2003
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