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female equivalent of a "cocalar";
superficial materialistic girl/gold digger; label collector; fashion freak; excessively accessorized, in permanent overuse of make-up; normal habitat: mall/club; some of them carrying a bichon; self-absorbed boasting narcissist

(var.) pisipoanca, pisi, pitzi
(etymology) merger between pisi (romanian for kitty, pussy) and vagaboanta/bagaboanta (romanian for tramp).
Stop using so much pink lipstick, you look like a pitzi (pitzipoanca).

Who is this pitzi (pitzipoanca), she is dressed like a Christmas tree.

Girl you took your own picture in the mirror, that's lame even for a pitzi (pitzipoanca).

Chikalaka chikichea
Asta-i pitzipoanca mea
Iese seara la cafea
Cu bichonu' dupa ea
(manea concept with reference to their lifestyle)
by ganditoru_de_la_hamangia December 11, 2010
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