when a woman has breasts so large men are no longer aroused by them and actually sympathise with the suffering they cause
'dude, she has some of the biggest pity titties I ever seen, she must have so much trouble with back pain or finding clothes that fit'
by markfitz June 17, 2013
Top Definition
Breasts shown (in some occasions touched) because of pity for a person.
When Bob's dad died and he lost his job Lisa allowed him to touch her pity titties.
by Sarcalogos January 11, 2009
Titties shown out of pity
Even though she hated him, she showed Chris her pity titties.
by -dirtysox- January 10, 2009
Letting a male widower cop a feel out of pity
"Aww, his wife just died. Give him some pity titty."
by Bosom Buddy September 11, 2012
Huge boobs on girls that are not pretty, don't have an ass, and are repulsive besides the fact that they have enormous tits. Gods way to give the ugly a chance at sex.
"Man that chick is so hideous, how did you ever manage to hit that?"
A: " She had the biggest pity titties I have ever seen, that's how."
by Was wasted October 10, 2011
The "boobs" that God gives to fat girls because he feels sorry for their morbid obesity.
Tracy: "Yeah, well at least I have bigger BOOBS than you!"

Britanny: "Psh. Those are pity titties, fatass!"
by eatthebaby September 14, 2010
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