yes our fans r hicks and rednecks but doesnt every team have fans that r hicks and rednecks

ours r more committed and better then everyone else

we won 6 super bowls

SUCK IT!!!!!
guy 1: aww man the pittsburgh steelers are champions again

fan: SUCK IT!!!
by why_is_everyone_named_john August 17, 2010
American football team, known for strong defense, and not hiring loudmouthes like TO and Chad Johnson.

First professional team to be labled a dynasty, after their prolific 4 Superbowl wins in the 70's.

Team most likely to be named the second great dynasty of the 21st century, after the New England Patriots.

More Superbowl wins than any other team in NFL history, with 6.
Ben: Wanna go to a party?
Santonio: No, Pittsburgh Steelers are on.
Ben: Shit, almost forgot. I'll be right over.
by SREYMSEW February 01, 2009
The only team in the NFL right now to win 6 Super Bowls. They now have more Super Bowl championships than anyone in the league today and it'll probably stay that way for a while.
I bet those Cardinals fans were thinking they were gonna win their first Super Bowl at 2:37 in the 4th quarter up 3 points. Too bad the Pittsburgh Steelers had to take a dump on their chest and made a drive down the field in the last 2 minutes.
by bakfromon February 01, 2009
a bunch of pussies who suck at football
All Pittsburgh Steelers fans are all band wagon fans. One year they think kordel is MVP, th next they run him out of town.
by buzz November 25, 2003
the steelers are a dirty team lead by their dirty coach, bill cowher. they are the second best team in a division of four teams.
yeah you won some super bowl in the 70s but how many since the ravens have been in baltimore? and how many have the ravens won??
by Ray Lewis April 24, 2005
The reason why NFL is going straight down to hell.
Singing die, die, Steelers! Steelers die!
Singing die, die, Steelers! Steelers die!
Singing die, die, Steelers! Die, die, Steelers!
Singing die, die, Steelers! Steelers die!
by KRHimself June 30, 2004

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