A bunch of burly black men who thought it would be a great idea to name a team after a job in which most men are gay, what with working in a steel mill and all. Bill Cowher (when he was still man enough to hang around, without deserting his team like the fum chewing, cap wearing, play stopping faggot he is) couldn't beat the Titans at home a few years back, so he tried to STOP THE PLAY WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.
"Hey, did you see Bill Cowher cry like a bitch the other night?"

"Yeah, him and the Pittsburgh Steelers suck ass"
by The Joker1991 :) August 13, 2008
the best team in the NFL!
Got screwed out of the 2005 superbowl by that oh so good looking new england QB!! ..Bastard
...they just kick ass
by DEstiny January 29, 2005
a cheating, overrated, lucky nfl team who always seems to make it to the superbowl. their colors are black and YELLOW, not black and gold. their coach enjoys paying off the refs and beating off on his players. their team consists of a rapist (ben roethlisberger), a faggot with long hair (troy polamolu), and a bunch of cocky queers. they have, by far, the absolute cockiest fans in the entire world. most of them consisting of white trash bandwagon jumpers. when they lose they will complain for weeks. this team is also known as the pittsburgh squealers.
steelers fan- lets go pittsburgh steelers! black and gold!
some guy- listen up douche bag, they are black and YELLOW, not black and gold, you egotistical fuck.
by thehonestfuck February 12, 2011
A team who's fanbase increased dramatically after they won the superbowl in 2009, ironically. The majority of fans are 13-15 and have no ties with Pittsburgh culture whatsoever.
Ben Roethlisberger, the franchise player/QB, is without a doubt the fattest quarterback in the NFL.
In the 09-10 season, were swept by the Bengals, lost to the Chiefs, and grabbed straws when playing the FUCKING BROWNS.

The only argument Steelers fans have is the superbowl wins, as if it wasn't the biggest bandwagon team to begin with.
"Dude you like the Pittsburgh Steelers? They suck ass this season."

"No way. Manning isn't near as good of a QB as Roethlisberger"

by Cincinnaty February 11, 2010
A pair of stained underpants worn on the outside of a homeless man's outfit. They often smell like failure and cheating.
Hines Ward is a bitch ass Pittsburgh Steelers.
by curtsams June 27, 2007
One of the few teams that commissioner Roger Goodell "kisses ass" for. They always get their own way, and find a way to "scrumble" into post season by cheating and paying their way to get there. Most of Steelers fanbase consists of African Americans who think they know sports, and other variety of thugs.

The Steelers also are a team full of criminals. Thats why they play in a dump town anyways... Might as well throw Casey Anthony in the mix.
Guy 1: Hey who is your favorite team in football?
Guy 2: I like the Pittsburgh Steelers
Guy 1: Wow you really are a piece of shit.
by chronicmasturbation July 09, 2011
A shitty football team owned by the Rooney Family, synonamous for having ties with the Illuminati. The NFL of course doesn't wanna get in trouble with the Illuminati, and the NFL sees its earning potential significantly increased if the Steelers are doing good. So the NFL instructs referees to make bullshit ridculous calls against teams to give the Steelers an advantage. In addition, they have a fake fanbase constructed of retarded people who are all Steelers fans and Phillies fans. They like to make fun of the Ravens because they are too thug for their pussy ass fans. They also pull out the bullshit "we have 6 rings" thing which they never even seen four of them. They claim that Ravens fans always make excuses, but if the Steelers lose they will imeediately pull out the "Troy wasn't playing" exuse, or "Ben wasn't playing". No you fucking lost because you got beat by a better team. Maybe if Troy wasnt a pussy and Ben wasnt raping women they would be playing.
Person 1: I love the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Phillies
Person 2: I love Pittsburgh and the Yankees

Person 3: You both are fucking retarded you just like the teams that are catored to by the referees, why dont you like the Pirates? Why, because they suck and you're all just a bunch of bandwagon shitheads.

Person 1 and Person 2 at the same time: HEY 6 RINGS MAN! how many rings does your team have? How many hall of famers do you have?

Person 3: One Ring because we were an expansion franchise that's only 15 years old, and we dont have any hall of famers because we still have players from the original team still on the team.

Person 1 and 2: 6 RINGS MAN!!!!
by Someone With A Fucking Brain January 16, 2011

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