Pennsylvania's second city, which isn't saying much when there's only one nice city in the state. A city that is put to shame by Philadelphia and whose only claim to fame is that it shares the same state as Philly. Most inhabitants of Pittsburgh are inbred.
What do you mean there's a person from Pittsburgh that has teeth and doesn't mate with their cousin?
by phillysrunninthisshit March 22, 2005
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When you go down on another person's armpits.
Damn, that guy's hot. I'd like to go to Pittsburgh with him!
by Alayne April 25, 2006
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A small but enjoyable city built quite literally on rock and roll (Hard rock cafe is a popular attraction that pulls in a lot of money and such). If you you go "dahn tahn" and look up, you will see the incline. Where the top of the incline is is a small, little town called "Mount. Worshington". Most say "Picksburghers" are heavy drinkers and love sports. Well, we get the drinking from our Irish heritage! The sports, I'm not sure, but we treat the "Stillers" as our religion, the "Pens" as our second, and the "Buccos" as our third. Do we really hate Cincinnati? Yes, in fact! Here, we also don't have subways, we have Trollies (Streetcars), Buses, and Railcars that run over and under the city. We have a whole other language, Pittsburgese, which involves a lot of words mashed together, but it's still understandable. If you think Pittsburgh has no history, you are very wrong. Andy Warhol was born in Picksburgh, as well as Christina Aguilera. Also, we have a collection of museums and centers galore. Please, enjoy your stay in Picksburgh
1: Q:What is the greatest city? A: Pittsburgh
2: Where you from? Picksburgh. A'ight
by HappyJuice June 08, 2016
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