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The best damn team in all the land. Not one football team in the entire NFL can compare to the 5 time Super Bowl Champions. With players such as Roethlisberger, Hines "57" Ward, Joey "the Boot" Porter, Troy "I love to crack skulls and let my gorgeous black hair fly through the wind" Polamalu, there is no question as to why Pittsburgh has the best football team. We have what we like to call "Steeler Nation." Every road game is a home game, there are Steeler Bars in every city. Take a look at Super Bowl XL, over 75% of the fans there were Steeler fans, waving their terrible towels in which the Good Lord Myron Cope brought into this world (thank you Myron and God Bless). The Stillers have earned their 5th Super Bowl ring this year, now tied with the horrendous 49ers and the Dallas Cowgirls for the most. We have the single greatest coach, coming up on his 14th consecutive year with the Steelers and we have the single greatest owners: The Rooney's. Most importantly, we Steeler fan are the greatest fans on earth (stated on the 2006 ESPY's). We do not jump on the bandwagon, we do not love any other team besides our steelers, and if someone says he does, then he is not a true steeler fan. Lastly, we are home to two great things: Heinz ketchup and Iron City beer, what more could we ask for?!

"So who you rootin for this year?"

If you ain't a Steeler fan, you ain't shit!

Fuck Cleveland!
by da biggest Steeler fan July 20, 2006
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