to withold marijuana (in joint, blunt, or smoking device form) that is circulating a group of people, for an extended period of time.
"hey marcus, what're you doing, pitching a tent over there? pass the L!"
by badash98 October 26, 2004
Top Definition
To have an erection while lying down so that the sheets covering you pop up like a tent with a pole in the middle.
Peter: "Wanna go camping this weekend?"
Quagmire: "The only tent I'm gonna be pitching this weekend is...well you see where I'm going with this one...awwwwwww riiiight!"
by Nick D May 18, 2004
to have an erection large enought to lift your trousers to a tent like shape.pitch-a-tent, pitched-a-tent, pitching-a-tent,pitches-a-tent
he loves doing it so much he pitches-a-tent everytime he thinks of it! dont start pitching-a-tent in public! of course he likes porn, i bet he has pitched-a-tent loads of times! damn shes so hot, she makes me pitch-a-tent everytime i see her!
by steven desmond January 26, 2007
To pop a wood causing one's pants to rise up resembling a tent.
"When I saw her bend over in that short skirt, I had to sit down and pitch a tent."
by (TheDude) May 04, 2007
A phrase used to introduce into a conversation a sexual reference by using camping euphemisms. This method is usually used by trombonists with the name Des who, due to their constant right-handed pumping action on "the bone" have an inherent inability to manage their sexual innuendo.
I think I'll pitch a tent in that car park over there. (Where car park may refer to an unusually large or cavernous playing area).
by Word Smyth 101 January 06, 2014
To do up "a tent" (one tenth of a gram or 100 mg) of heroin (usually about three tickets).

I'm curious if anyone else has heard or uses this one.
whadya say we take these tickets back to the house and pitch a tent?
by Krunk Nasty October 21, 2007
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