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Used as an acronym for "Pain in the ..."
You know at times you can be a real PITA!
by Bev H November 30, 2005
-A really annoying girl specifically in movies who always messes things up.
-Pain In The Ass!
"This is my fucking space and I wanna be a fuckin pita so let me mess up the movie and get the hell out of my way"
"You Want Some Fries With That, PITA?"
by P-dazzle September 18, 2005
Not to be confused with PETA, or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, nor the Palestinian Information Technology Association, because that's silly.
i.e.: I really wish Isreal would stop prank calling the PITA...
by pseudonym! March 15, 2004
Pain in the, ummm... butt.
"Opening that bag of chips can be a real PITA."
by star8706 February 02, 2003
stands for pain in the ass. invented by Anitra
I know this guy named Ed, he's such a pita!
by Anitra January 18, 2007
Put it In That Ass, guy code for a hot chick.
Lindsay Lohan's a pita.
by dont have a clue June 19, 2005
A round flat bread of Croatian origin.
We ate so much pita, that we kept farting hours after eating.
by Drazen April 25, 2004