Term for annoyed affection. I'm pissed at you, but I love you. You are a PITA ( PAIN IN THE ASS ) Term of endearment. Commonly used by a parent to describe an annoying teenager.
It's great he has a job and does well in school. But he's such a PITA , with his crazy, " I have to pierce every flap of skin on my body!" ideas!
by Alan J. Vaughn September 04, 2007
Preppy-Ivy-Trad-Americana. Refers to a style of dress.
Omg did you see his Brooks Brothers shirt and worn Sperry topsiders?? So PITA.
by Henry Sands Brooks October 11, 2010
Short for a person who is a real pain the the ass.
Damn the pita is here again!
by Demogirl February 08, 2008
pain in the ass
All dat bitch does is complain. She's such a pita!
by Da Bitch March 26, 2004
Pita..Pain In The Ass
Joo can be a real pita
by Dread Pirate Roberts March 27, 2004
Pain In The Ass!!!!!!!
My Neighbor Haha
by Tara November 01, 2003
a reference to one who has pasty white skin, like pita bread.
That chick is pita. She must never go outside.
by obama January 07, 2008

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