PITA is found on the cape of the person who breaths fire in San Antonio.
Both that person and anyone who does not quite conform.
A PITA is a non violent person who will practice civil disobedience in a manner that is not offensive such as breathing fire.
Protesting by entertainment such as singing in from of the police.
Pain In The Ass, just enough to make you want to get up and do something about it.
You are such a PITA, you break all the rules, the police are not sure what to do about you!
PITA, the mayor is pissed, you kept singing while he was trying to talk.
by PITA August 15, 2013
Acronym for Pain in the Ass.
You're always hassling me. Don't be such a PITA!
by sugarbeet digger October 16, 2010
Although many may refer to it pita as a pain in the ass it can also me intruppeted as stading for as
Paige Is Total Awsome.
A friendly way to great someone name Paige is to say Hey Pita!! What up?
by pita10101010 March 26, 2011
1. (noun) An acronym for the phrase "PISS IN THE ASS"
2. (noun) The act of one pissing in another individual's asshole.
Jon: "Dude, I finally did PITA with her last night. It kinda grossed her out though..."
Jim: "You actually PISSED in that girl's ASS? You're one sick motherfucker."
by Jimmyism September 15, 2009
Preppy-Ivy-Trad-Americana. Refers to a style of dress.
Omg did you see his Brooks Brothers shirt and worn Sperry topsiders?? So PITA.
by Henry Sands Brooks October 11, 2010
a penis
let me give you dis good pita
by Jennyfromtheblok May 03, 2009

1) p.i.t.a; pain in the ass

2) someone who doesn't know when the eff to shut it(:

3) george w. bush

4) sarah palin

5) miley cyrus

6) rihanna;

7) angelina jolie
"your acting like a pita"

"she's being a little pita!"
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 11, 2009

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