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A debonair, undeniably classy man who stays with the times without being motarded and trendy. He has many women and always is on the move. He might typically drive a BMW motorcycle and wear aviators. Other times he's in a tuxedo with his silver Murcielago. He's the American version of the England's James Bond.
Guy1: Oh my god! Did you see how that guy just made a 400 foot jump with $500 loafers and a Cuban cigar in his mouth?!

Guy2: Holy shit! That guy's a PISTOL!

by Rob Sanderz April 21, 2008
27 52
1. one who constantly picks out chicks to eff.
2. a classy connoisseur of all necessities.

Damn, pistol just got taken into the girls' pool locker room!
by kevin gardner September 13, 2007
30 68
Similar to shotgun and knife, it refers to a seating a car, this time meaning the back right window seat of the car.
I call pistol since he called shotgun.
by Marticus April 01, 2007
21 71