A technique used to finger a girl. Done by making your fingers into a "gun" image.
Last night, I pulled the pistol pete on her, and she got wetter than a baby's day old diaper!
by Shanna April 14, 2005
Top Definition
One of the best basketball players to come out of the 1970's. "pistol" pete Maravich played for the Hawks, Jazz and Celtics. He Scored 70+ points in a game once without the three point line. A true baller in every sense. He died of Heart complications in his 40's. Pistol Pete is one of the top 50 NBA players ever.
Pistol Pete was amazing last night.
by MR bball January 17, 2006
Similar to the spastic eagle, it's when a man is on his knees and has three girls standing over him. he has to lick one girl's pussy, and finger the other girls simultaneously with his hands in the form of pistols. You can imagine how this would look like a man weilding two pistols.
Picture a western shoot out acted out in the bedroom. . . PISTOL PETE
by PistolPeterSE March 10, 2009
a person from southern new england,know in Ct an MA for being cool
Dude pistol pete is wicked awesome
by urbanmixup January 28, 2005
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