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To put make your hand in the shape of a pistol (Thumbs up, Index and middle finger out) and then finger a girl from behind (2 fingers in snatch and thumb in the butt). Almost always done from a doggy-style position. Usually accompanied by pulling hair for a more degrading experience.
Person 1: So man does she like it nasty or what?

Person 2: Hell yeah, I grabbed on and pistol fucked her for an hour.
by src5tt September 17, 2007

Definition: To have sex, especially in a rough manner, with someone using a loaded firearm. Sometimes abbreviated PF in polite company.

Part of Speech: verb
I would PistolFuck that hoe with my gat.
by Dave Conroy January 15, 2006
most common in GOW. or Gears Of War, an FPS game on the xbox, often played on xbox live. when you "down" a person, you go up behind them. with a snub pistol. and repeadedly fire, but not at them. this appears as iff you are rapping them up the butt. and it also pisses the other person off which may end up in a serious chain saw to the head. use with caution.
player 1: dude! You JUst GOt PiSTOL FUCKED
player 2: Fucking noob! ill Kill you!
by im a crazy fool March 26, 2007

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