irritible, annoying see wordPMS
don't get all pissy on me.
by bernard April 11, 2003
of or relating to the scent of piss
this place smells pissy
by < October 01, 2003
The coolest, badest, the bomb
that car is so damn pissy
by kawgirl February 01, 2011
To get smashed beyond belief.
"Fuck 'tipsy' nigga, we gettin' pissy, pissy"

From "Pissy, Pissy" By Longshot and Rusty Chains
by Motel 6 December 01, 2004
An pathologically liberal person. One that has views so liberal, they interfere with common sense.

KC and the Idiot from the karoo.local newsgroup are hereby certified as the first official pissies.
"Everyone should adopt an asylum seeker"
"Stop being such a pissy"

"Your pissy views about human rights are becoming tiresome"
by Sparky Mark March 13, 2005
One who is beginning to feel the effects of intoxication.
I am already feelin a bit pissy and I've only had 3 bottles of O.P.
by dmoney June 05, 2003

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