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A pissy fit is a dramatic demonstration of bitchiness exhibited by small effeminite homosexual males. Often accompanied by a flailing of limp wrist, hip thrusting, stomping of platform shoe, and some combination of the following phrases sputtered in a lisp: girlfriend, fierce, hoe, and biatch.
That queen had a pissy fit cuz the bouncer wouldn't let his heffer fag hag leaver her purse on the dance floor.
by CapnCrouton May 09, 2004
A temper-tantrum resulting from a small child pissing themselves.

A temper-tantrum so violent, that a small child pisses themselves during the process.
That little kid better stop before that becomes a pissy-fit.

Careful where you step, there was a pissy fit nearby.
by hitemlow November 23, 2009
The hissy fit you throw when you need to take a piss and are very far from a toilet.
Son: Dad, I think you missed the pit stop exit 50 miles back

Dad:!$#%, I have to piss...

Son: Geez, stop throwing a pissy fit.
by Mista8eight8 February 23, 2011
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