origon Australia,n; alcoholic, lush; drunk; derro...etc.
her old man reckons Im a piss-tank.
by herbie August 23, 2004
Top Definition
(verb) to drink beer in excess
(noun) a sot/drunkard
(verb) "Let's go get a couple of sixpacks and pisstank."
(noun) "Charlie, you're nothing but an old pisstank."
by ahti koski November 28, 2003
A person who habitually drinks large amounts of beer.
"Let's get some dinner before all the piss-tanks get out of the bar"
by Agg August 10, 2003
the bulging protuberance on a female between her cunt and waste band; may also be referred to as a gunt
look at the piss tank on that slag its like a space hopper
by jon ronson July 29, 2006
yeah fat cunt...you are now checking on the piss-tank after looking at the front-bum.well you are still a fat mother-fucker who needs to get off their ass and go do excercise
dont worry about yer computer lard ass..it'll still be there when you get back from your big walk to the burger king.
by uncle fizzle January 04, 2004
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