Young finnish teenager girl or boy. Use much time and money to keep her(him)self looking cool. Uses character "z" instead "s" drinks lot of sweet cider. Wear too tight trouser which leave hips visible
She is so pissis looking
by matti March 05, 2005
Top Definition
Pissis = pissaliisa. "Piss Liza". Finnish slang.

A girl aged 11-16, who dresses in Miss Sixty jeans, drinks cider, smokes, wears strings and acts "bad" and "tough".

The name comes from their habit of peeing openly in public places, such as parks etc.
"Jos sä haluut olla pro-pissis sun täytyy vedä siduu ja elää tätä 24/7"

"If u wanna b a pro-pissis u gotta life it 2 the fullest 24/7"
by Mikko September 22, 2004
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