A vey descriptive way to describe a piss chamber. AKA bathroom. In this room many things go on! You may use it to go for a piss but others, more creative people use it to eat out or have sex. This is a fun and iteresting way to use a piss hole. Another reason why a piss whole has become used for sex is because of the readily availeble condoms!
i.e I didnt use the piss hole right.
by Defman August 10, 2006
Top Definition
An undesirable place to be or live. A place with poor living conditions. Has the same meaning as shithole.
"Ever since he lost his job he has been living in a real pisshole."
by IceWarm December 05, 2004
1.where urine comes out of the PENIS

2.also used as a dirty name
1.i went to the bathroom and my piss hole was burning

2.your a fucken piss hole!
by Anthony February 07, 2005
a fuckin dude who thinks hes always right hes perfect..when in fact he is the one whos the prob
Archie is a fuckin pisshole.
by Tauny poo June 27, 2003
(pronounced: Piss 'oil)
A term used by Yorkshire Folk
Describes The toilet for gentlemen
Jack: "Ah rite me ode salior what thy upta?"
Neil "Nowt Bud, Just Lookin for Phil, Thought he was out toneet?"
Jack "yea, He is out toneet, Hes just gone thy piss hole"
by phil_0000 November 04, 2008
What your eyes look like after a good night on the drink
"Were you drunk last night?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Your eyes look like pissholes in the snow!!!"
by Nic February 10, 2004
Some bady who fucking pisses you off. Also/Or A complete jack ass, shit fried moron
God my teacher is a piss hole he suspended me for stealing his chronic
by PAki Chan May 25, 2005
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