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Word used to describe the godawful situation whereby a person does a runny fart and accidentally dumps their pants.
Hurrrmmmmmph!!!! (schlop!) ewwwww...
by StickyGooPants June 13, 2004
9 15
To waste time, dwadle
Stop piss-farting aroung and let's go.
by Junaid Yar Khalid March 23, 2004
59 11
To waste time or to work outside one's field of expertise.
Child: "Where's Dad?"
Mother: "Oh he's piss farting about in the kitchen trying to cook dinner"
by SgtKestrel September 17, 2006
96 62
An Australian adjective used to highlight the extraordinary insignificance and/or small size of something in a demeaning way. (usually a location)
Bazza: "Let's get out of this pissfart settlement, nothing ever happens."

Maggie: "Christ, look at this pissfart prawn!"

Dave-o: "Sydney used to be a pissfart town, like Townsville."
by Freeboot January 17, 2011
6 8
Farting while taking a piss
Whilst straining to get that last bit of urnine out my knob, I farted. In retrospect it was quite funny.
by cunole April 04, 2004
21 25
Feces in liquid form, expelled accidentally.
Peter could no longer control his bowels during the job interview and did a pissfart which formed an embarrassing brown stain on the back of his cotton pants.
by lemmyroid April 15, 2003
14 19
The act of farting while you piss. Usually only guys do it.
Oh i pissfarted this morning!
by RyanGuy33 March 28, 2008
5 12