1. Said when something is funny
2. Said as sarcasm
1. AHahaha that's hilarious, that's a pisser!
2. ha..yeah..that's such a pisser troy..*rolls eyes*
by Irene Samek May 21, 2003
When something goes wrong
The bike shop rang to say my bike won't be ready for another 2 weeks.

Fuck, that's a pisser.
by Ben Cope May 22, 2003
A somewhat vulgar slang term for one of those wall-mounted porcelain urinals; the fixture found in men's rooms put there for the sole purpose of collecting and then disposing of micturition (urine).
Hey Josh, wait a sec!
I need to go and use the pisser before we go to the next club!
by Telephony July 08, 2013
The way to smoke weed in London, Ontario. Made from a plastic bottle and ratchet piece melted into cap at top, you fill up a milk jug or XL cup with water and burn a pinky sized hole at the bottom corner of the bottle and insert that inside the water with the cap off. Now you are ready to pack your kush in the pisser cap you made with a metal ratchet piece and screw it firmly on the submerged bottle. All thats left is lighting your bowl and slowly lift up the bottle from the water to get that smoke in, unscrew the cap just after the last bit of water comes out the hole and put your mouth on it sucking smoke out while slowly pushing the bottle back in the water with your mouth and hand getting all the remaining smoke in the pisser. Duh LoNDoN WaY
Yo lets go smoke that pisser outside!
by londonpisser February 11, 2015
A woman who pisses on your chest immediately after fucking her brains out. It has not yet been determined the exact nature behind this phenomena but one must assume it is simply an act of territorial procedure. The pissing can also be accompanied by some silent farting which in most cases is just plain fucking disgusting.
Steve: Hey man the funniest thing happened. I was just finishing up plowing your mom for a good 17 minutes when the crazy bitch got up, crouched over top of me, and starting pissing.

Jim: Aw sick dude... my mom's a pisser!?!?
by SKYYGUYY April 09, 2009
Used mainly in England to describe when something or somebody is funny. Also spelt as pissa.
Bill: i was hanging round with that boy earlier, you know? the one with the red hat and blonde hair.

Ben: oooooh, that's Bob, he's a right pisser!
by bringit. October 16, 2008
1) (n) The bathroom.
2) (n) A highly undesirable situation, or a hectic brawl, or other occurrence where one stands a goot chance of getting their head smashed in. Often used in conjunction with fucking.
1) Hold up, I need to go to the pisser.
2) We got in such a fucking pisser last night, you wouldn't believe!
by Erik Randolph March 22, 2003

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