argotic french verb
to urinate
Je dois pisser.
If you would please excuse me, i suddently feel the urge to urinate.
#argotic #urinate #politness #french #pissotière
by tchize January 12, 2006
Shorting for "piss over it" meaning its easy
"that jobs a pisser"
by Alucart July 29, 2004
Slang term often applied to men and women who experience sexual pleasure when urinating on their partners.
I'm Pisser Jackson - and you're very wet.
by Lord Jackson of Dribblespunk January 23, 2004
very cool, wicked excellent
Did you check out Cheryl's Camero?
Yah, it's pisser.
by snobot March 21, 2003
A urinal that when used, splashes your urine back on you.
That pisser got me wet!
by < October 01, 2003
A type of insturment used to smoke marajuana or hashish.
Guy 1: "This pisser hits PHAT yo!"
Guy 2: "Thanks hommes!"
by Mi||eR June 17, 2004
It is what a Monsterboy does over Cock Loves head
Monsta pisser all over 'is 'ed
by Tomike May 13, 2003
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