fucking heated. angry. annoyed.
i lost 80 dollars last night!!!! i'm fucking pissed
by tasteslikeburning September 17, 2009
1) To be angry or annoyed

2) To think that you're better than your friends

3) Drunk to high hell!

1) Yo dude! I'm so fuckin' pissed that my bitched dumped my fat ass...

2) I'm piss better than you!

3) Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehyssssssss.
by Biotch May 13, 2006
by Aloja February 01, 2010
- adjective
1. Inspiring awe: an awesome sight
2. Very impressive
3. Describes a powerful object, group or team

Other forms
Pissed Off
Fucking Pissed

Not usually used to describe a person or place.
Did you see Joe's new sportscar?

You should check it out, it's pissed!!
by killabee77 May 07, 2009
1-To piss
2- See piss defined
1-"I just pissed in the sink. Let's go."
by SHP April 19, 2005
To be very, extremely angery
I'm so pissed cause she stole my cell phone!
by CC February 04, 2004
to pee
oh shit I just pissed in my pants!
by Anonymous June 21, 2003

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