catagorized in "England" as being realy drunk, or by "the rest of the world" as being very angry.
this is incorect as english people have been being pissed (drunk) or being pissed at (angry/very angry) people for more than 1000 years.
the words and spelling might be differrent but the attitude, temper, emotion and disposition (depending on the state of sobriety) are the same.
by Rippedd June 18, 2009
off your head drunk, usually aussie, pommy or irish way of saying drunk
"Oh my god, billy chucked in my front yard last night!"

"Yeah, he was totally pissed."
by IzaBera April 06, 2009
In America and Canada, usually coupled with "off", to mean extremely angry. Considered a swear word.

In the UK, Ireland, and Australia, pissed means massively drunk. Generally beyond everyday drunk, a specialist kind of drunk. Not so much a swear word.
America: "You crashed my car, man! I'm so pissed!"

UK/Ireland: "I just had 7 pints and I'm well pissed!"
by LibertineRiot August 23, 2011
This is was orginally a British phase meaning one is either extremely intoxicated or angry, the latter has been adopted by Americans.
Drunk: "I got so pissed in town last night, Satan's Hallow FTW"

Angry: "Sorry about last night, i was so pissed-off at my parents"
by Junyar-Kuro May 01, 2009
What I am going to be if rejects another definition I submit.
Don't fucking reject this definition or I wil be PISSED.
by MadMonkey! October 26, 2010
Intoxicated, inebriated, drunk, under the influence of alcohol.

It is sometimes used to denote ire or anger, but when it is it is usually always said 'pissed off'.

According to some sources the origins of 'pissed' derive from the practices of pagan northern european peoples imbibing the urine of others (primarily shamen) who had ingested the Amanita Muscaria mushroom to obtain its active compounds.
He went to the pub to get pissed. (common Australlian UK usage)

She was pissed off at him for going to the pub without her.
by Bill Poster December 14, 2011
fucking heated. angry. annoyed.
i lost 80 dollars last night!!!! i'm fucking pissed
by tasteslikeburning September 17, 2009

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