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- When you're urinating so hard that you shit your pants. Only people with anger issues have this problem.

- an angry little piss bitch who can't confront the person that they hate for unknown reasons. Usually a stuck up spoiled brat who sits on the computer all fucking day typing up lame psychotic essays in an attempt to offend the person. They like to remain anonymous.

- A self proclaimed rapist who suffers from a combination of obsessive compulsive disorder, manic depression, passive aggression, homosexuality, voyuerism, and an uncrontrolled urge to masturbate to the person they dislike. while the victim laughs.
you little pissed off piss you still pissed off at her? get the fuck over it psycho. go take your anger out on other random people. sounds like you're the type of psycho who would go postal. Go shoot yourself you little faggot. go jack off to someone else and quit watching the porn and pretending that you don't. I thought Every man does it even women. Everyone knows you're not getting any.
by trollOCDdenial March 26, 2010
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