A city or town which is basically very dull and boring and serves no real purpose. Originates from Disgruntled Adelaide United coach Aurelio Vidmar who after a disappointing loss referred to his own city as a pissant town.
because of this pissant town this club will never win anything - Aurelio Vidmar
by Mitchell87 February 15, 2009
Top Definition
Adelaide, according to Aurelio Vidmar.
"That's the problem. That 4-0 result tonight was politics, nothing else. Whether you are involved directly or indirectly you have an effect. Because of a pissant town, this club will never win anything until you get rid of that crap.
by dbrt February 16, 2009
A City which wont win anything, Over run by people with hidden agenda's. Its all Politics
Piss-Ant Town Adelaide
by Auriello Vidmar February 15, 2009
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