Exclamation of disapointment. or pissed-offness.

Piss-hell, this daman cd doesn't work.

Derived from piss; urinating, and Hell; purgatory, in a sence, urinating on hell, or in hell, or maybe you just pissed hell off.
piss-hell, I hate ricer fags.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
Top Definition
Pisshell is a word used to exclame that you are angry or severly disapointed in something or someone.
Pisshell, screw you,lieing bitch.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
A statement of frustration, like damnit. Only more vigorous and meaningful

I said ot one day when I was pissed at james for being a jackweed
Piss hell james, unfee your schedual, and quit being a jackweed.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
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