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that perpetual three day "beard" most women seem to have surrounding their vaginal area. Usually the thatch is barely a 16th of an inch long..... Very irritating !!!
"Nothing I love better than a nice shaved, smooth cooter, but ya know....ol' Sweaty Betty's Piss Whiskers are a bit much to handle, and boy, do they irritate my face and chin!!!"
by PooterBoy427 August 22, 2006
The Oral Sex taste of a girl that hasn't showered or has peed after showering
Jesus Honey did you wash down here?, all I can taste is Piss Whiskers!
by Jamey Suede March 31, 2011
Whiskers around the female urethra that urine passes over/through when urinating.

Also used to release frusteration. Instead of saying "oh, fuck!" Instead, say "awe, pisswhiskers" Can also be used alone.
You are notified you've been terminated from a mediochre job. Your response..."Pisswhiskers" or "oh, pisswhiskers".
by pstage May 07, 2010