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Derogatory insult, used in Peep Show by Mark when he couldn't think of anything more appropriately enraging to call a driver when trying to get run over to avoid his wedding to Sophie.
"You're a piss-kidney."
derogatory term that is factual, and is therefore not a derogatory term. As a result, it makes the user seem useless.
Bob: Don't be such a wanker.
Ben (in response): Don't be such a piss kidney.
Bob: What? What kind of insult is that. You idiot.

(The phrase originates from the television show Peep Show, series four).
by Sir Rory of Prestonia October 18, 2007
A pisskidney, an insult deriving from jizzcock. All cocks are jizz cocks, and in the same way all kidneys are pisskidneys. A poorly constructed insult.
"You bloody Pisskidney!"
by Mark Whalberg Marky Markinson March 11, 2008