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The skillful art of sinking a turd which is floating in the crapper. Generally, heavy beer drinkers have been known to excel in this craft. This is due to their massive urine flow which greatly contributes to the destruction of the Stinkable Molly Brown. Not all heavy beer drinkers can master this fine art, as ninety-eight percent of heavy beer drinkers cannot maintain the concentration needed to effectively aim.
Being able to drink un-humanly amounts of lager, pilsner and stout, Arneson was internationally know for his ability to piss sink the biggest Stinkable Molly Brown.

I can think of only one time that he couldn't piss sink a turd. But then again, it was a Jungle Green which resembled a lilly pad and not a Stinkable Molly Brown.
by NCKnobster March 28, 2011