Forget about it; to do something later.
Person1: I can't go out tonight, I have to study for a test.
Person2: Piss on it. Let's go.
by Mike February 25, 2004
Top Definition
another way of sayin, screw it or fuck it
chick:lets go somewhere
dude:i dont wana
chick:pleezzz, i luv ya!!
dude:piss on it, letz go
by Totally pissed of teen July 13, 2005
Another saying for "fuck it" or "I don't care"
My hair looks like craps, oh well "piss on it"
by tamtamB October 10, 2015
When you're playing baseball and you get a pitch too good to not take deep.
Piss on it, turn that sumbitch yellow
by Colin July 15, 2004
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