a) Someone who is being really annoying and pissing you off
b) Homosexuals who enjoy each other's urine
c) People who enjoy urnating on pretty much anything
Would you fuck off already? Quit being a piss-fag and leave me alone!

Ewww. That's fucking gross! What kind of homos drink each others piss?! Fucking piss-fags!

Yo, quit being a piss-fag and stop pissing all over the place.
by Greef October 13, 2007
When there are at least 3 urinals in a mens room and a guy comes in and uses the urinal next to you instead of leaving an empty stall in between.
(Ryan)Hey Jim, did you notice Scott always stands next to you when your taking a piss. (Ryan) yeah Jim, I thing Scott's a piss fag.
by jime15108 February 18, 2010
When you are such a faggot no one likes you, and you piss people off so damn much.
Do you know jim
Jim is such a pissfag no one likes him he pisses me off
by Blank panther July 29, 2016
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