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a condition whereupon an uncut male fails to spend an adequate amount of time shaking the piss out of his dick, leaving it trapped under the foreskin. often creates a stinging sensation and/or a terrible warm piss smell.
Jesus my cockhead is stinging... I must have some serious piss dick going on!
by ronnie_e April 17, 2010
When a man has an erection from the intense need to urinate.
I gotta go to the bathroom, but I don't want yall to see my raging piss dick.
by angrymidget January 27, 2011
similar to shitass, as it is used to describe bank tellers but at non Bank One branches.
That little pissdick didn't give me all of my money back.
by enraged bank one customer February 14, 2005
A penis that always smells faintly like the scent of piss and no matter how many subtle hints you try to make that they don't have any personal hygiene skills.
Zach almost got a blowjob, but since he has a pissdick no one can bring themselves near him.
by Aids&Blaze October 14, 2014
Synonym to the word peacock.
A pissdick is just a synonym to the word peacock. That is really all it is. Nothing more. Nothing less.
by m00glette July 31, 2011
A dick that tends to spend most of it's time pissing!
William, how long have you been in the toilet, do you have a piss dick you fucking cunt?
by Nathan Schnitzel Conglomorate September 15, 2008
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