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Pisco (from Quechua: pisqu, little bird,1 or named after a type of clay pot,1 or after a port in Peru2) is a colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored grape brandy produced in winemaking regions of Chile3 and Peru.2
Pisco was developed by Spanish settlers in the 16th century as an alternative to orujo, a pomace brandy that was being imported from Spain.4 Pisco takes its name from town of Pisco, located on the coast of Peru.52 The first vineyards were planted in the coastal valleys in the Viceroyalty of Peru, when vine plants arrived from the Canary Islands. Even though Spain imposed many restrictions on wine production and commerce, the wine-making industry developed rapidly, such as in the corregimientos of Ica.
Please note that the first Vineyard was made in ICA, Peru.
I do not understand the IGNORANT arguments from Chileans and Peruvians. The bottom line is Pisco was brought to Peru by the Spaniards, who also spread to Chile. However, as stated in Wikipedia the word Pisco was derived from a bird in the Quechua dialect spoken by Peruvian Incas. I do not get the fights between the nations about "wars", "whose better", blah blah...just pure ignorance!!!
by STOP THE IGNORANCE!!! November 18, 2011
The Most Wonderful drink in the world
From Chilean Valleys, also called "agua bendita"
it is sold in every place in chile but the official place is Neo`s Bar where you can taste the most exquisit pisco
Whisky is old fashioned,now we drink pisco
by martin everard April 03, 2006
A strong and quality drink(for the comon people).

Most popular is the PisCola which is Pisco and Coca-Cola.

The Best Pisco is from Chile!
Manuel:Man all i drank today was a bottle of Pisco

Carlos: Damn! His a goner
by Manuel Varela February 23, 2005
Strong alcoholic drink from northern Chile.
Peruvians try to get credit for it and are pissed of at Chile because we are always better than them at everything.. and we also kick there butts in all the wars! They are just jealous because Chile has the best Democracy in South America, while Peru has problems with trusting even there own President (Toledo) with a trust poll of 7%. So the only way to free there own problems is always blaming Chile... hahahaha.. so true and sad..
Peruvians export like 6% of production
While Chile produces more and exports 15%
by Enrique II August 05, 2005
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