A subdivision of the LA based bloods gang.
ru you a lime street piru dog, or you just like wearing green and acting like a blood.
by CD April 05, 2003
Pimps in red uniform.
We the pimps in red dress code as "Bloods".
by redd dogg September 25, 2003
the original name for the bloods, its crips spelled in reverse and turn the u to the right.
i heard he in da (ADD A SET) piru
by tomme July 10, 2003
A wicked spirit or maveolant entity in Finnish mythology, who usually causes minor mayhem or inconveniences.
"Aika piru, joka noita kirjoittaa"

"Quite a piru who wrotes those"

(...Microsoft help and support pages)
by pikkupiru September 05, 2009
Piru started out from breaking off of the crips, spelling tha word backwards an puttin tha c upside-down, Piru's wear burgundy as opposed to tha Bloods wearing red, an i dont give a fuck what you fake niggas say but Blood an Piru two different gangs, but they affiliated with one another.
My brother used to roll S.v.G Tree^Top^ Piru before he was murdered. B.I.P Big Bone
by FlAtLaNdZ_B July 07, 2009
Piru is a Finnish word for the devil. Can also be used as a swearword.
Do you know what piru means? It's Finnish.
by marjo June 26, 2007
AGP whick refers to the set in Bonita SPrings Florida. The American Gangster Pirus
Big.e- was brackin, American Gangster Piru blood till i die"
N.O.C.K- was brackin blood, 5-point crown American Gansgetr Piru blood set"
by BiG E- AGP set January 23, 2007

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