Piru is Crip in reverse put the C on his back.
fuck crabs punk this is piru.
by nobodynew May 30, 2008
the original name for the bloods, its crips spelled in reverse and turn the u to the right.
i heard he in da (ADD A SET) piru
by tomme July 10, 2003
Pimps in red uniform.
We the pimps in red dress code as "Bloods".
by redd dogg September 25, 2003
A wicked spirit or maveolant entity in Finnish mythology, who usually causes minor mayhem or inconveniences.
"Aika piru, joka noita kirjoittaa"

"Quite a piru who wrotes those"

(...Microsoft help and support pages)
by pikkupiru September 05, 2009
Piru started out from breaking off of the crips, spelling tha word backwards an puttin tha c upside-down, Piru's wear burgundy as opposed to tha Bloods wearing red, an i dont give a fuck what you fake niggas say but Blood an Piru two different gangs, but they affiliated with one another.
My brother used to roll S.v.G Tree^Top^ Piru before he was murdered. B.I.P Big Bone
by FlAtLaNdZ_B July 07, 2009
Pussies in red uniform
Boy 1: Dem bloods ain't nuthin but piru boy 2: wtf is a piru?Boy 1: a pussy in red uniform
by Bkdre December 25, 2011
AGP whick refers to the set in Bonita SPrings Florida. The American Gangster Pirus
Big.e- was brackin, American Gangster Piru blood till i die"
N.O.C.K- was brackin blood, 5-point crown American Gansgetr Piru blood set"
by BiG E- AGP set January 23, 2007

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