A group of Irish individuals who roam the high seas in search of plunder.
Yarr, that be a Pirish flag on the horizon!
by Migrant Programmer May 07, 2004
Top Definition
The language of pirates!
Garrr, thar be a mighty fine wench o'er thar.
She can shiver me timbers matey!
Blow me down!
I be wantin rum!
Avast thar! Be ye speakin pirish??
by Capn Keelhauler September 19, 2005
A person of Irish decent that maintains an affinity for Captain Morgan and other pirate related things.
"So what's your ethnic background?"
*drunk on Captain Morgan* "Pirish!"
by TuRbO913 April 16, 2011
A Pikey whom is also Irish. Also known as the worst kind of pikey. Usually drunk on Irish whisky and tends to smell of cow fart.
1: mate check out that pikey over there! Hes Irish, drunk as a skunk and smells like cow fart!
2: ahhh so hes Pirish then!
by eddy21 January 07, 2008
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