Oral sex position where the man lies on his back and the woman sits/crouches above his head, knees either side of his head. She then proceeds to swing her muff back and forth onto his face for oral pleasure. Like the motion of a fairground pirate ship.
My girlfriend got a little out of hand last night and gave me the pirate ship. My face still stinks like Spanish ham.
by leede March 06, 2015
When you're not in a full relationship with the opposite sex, but it's also stronger than a friendship.
Person A- " Are you in a relationship with Jacob?"

Person B- "No"

Person A- "Oh, so you're just friends?"

Person B- "Well, no not really"

Person A- So it's a relationship?"

Person B- "No, actually it's a pirateship"
by GabriellaStoker December 09, 2009
1. A ship that Jack Sparrow has.

2. Hot & Sexy male parts.

3. Something any straight female wants of johnny depp.
Omg... I want his pirate ship!

He has a really nice pirate ship ,I wanna ride his pirate ship!
by joyce C. May 14, 2007
medium-sized, attractive, proportional breasts
Alyssa and Meagan have a nice set of pirate ships on their ocean. Alex, however is sporting some serious barges.
to be simply orgasmic.
Trish: That guy in the movie was sooo pirate ship.
Deb: Oh my god I know!
by Shayna daccccckkkmen March 14, 2008

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