a portable hard drive with all pirated games, music, or videos
Hey Ockbar do you have Dragon age: Origins on your Pirate ship?
by Theycallmejimmy3 January 29, 2010
Top Definition
A sexual act in where a woman squats over a mans face and rocks her genitalia and anus back and forth in a pirate ship ride motion.
Yo last night my missus gave me a pirate ship. Her pussy and arrrrse juices covered my face and it tasted damn good!!
by Richie De Bauchery December 29, 2010
noun - a party/club/bar that turned out to be filled with heterosexual men all out looking for booty from heterosexual women...
...only all the decent looking women never showed up and the whole place was filled with beastly chicks and single dudes standing around scratching their jocks and drinking domestic beer
I heard that a lot of hot girls were at that place last weekend...but this weekend it was a friggin pirate ship.
by MandyandNina August 21, 2006
See also "upper decker"

The act of taking a crap in the toilet tank instead of the bowl.
the party sucked so I pirate shipped the toilet.
by David Fauver July 01, 2005
A party or bar full of men when the opposite is desirable.
Pete: "I don't like the ratio at this party, and my chances are slim to begin with."
Bryan: "Yeah, it's a pirate ship. Let's bounce, but first I've got to get this girl's digits."
by Total Penetration June 01, 2005
a waterborn vessel on which pirates travel
The swashbuckling buccaneer stood aboard his pirate ship.
by grinch sugar face March 30, 2004
an act of sexual intercourse between two men and one woman. The woman crouches on all fours and one man inserts his penis into her mouth the other into her vagina or anus. She then slides backwards and forwards on both penises. This mimmicks the motion of a pirate ship ride.
Me and my mate pirate shipped ya girlfriend last night.


Hey man we should pirate ship that chick
by Beastman March 08, 2005
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