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A slang term for a homosexual male. Many groups take offense to it's use, mainly pirates.
Yarr, if ye be a pirate smoker then ye are welcome on our ship, though ye won't be smokin' any of us.
by Jethro December 06, 2003
the act of being gay; homosexuality at its greatest
Greg is a pirate smoker.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff March 21, 2003
someone who smokes the pole consistently, and drinks orange juice on a regular basis
you dumb pirate smoker, why dont you go suck a dick
by kdog January 05, 2004
A (usually male) fellator.
I heard he was a pirate smoker.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
one who seriously rocks out on the skin flute. i.e. bryce s.
bryce is the biggest pirate smoker i have ever seen. seriously.
by phillip December 04, 2003
Some one who gets captured by pirates and is forced to pleasure the crew while on voages.(Suck the pirates dicks or smoke them.)
1)While on a raid the salty sea pirates capturd some people with big lips to make sure that they dont get bored while sailing the pacific.
2)I wish I was a pirate with some pirate smokers on my ship.
by somenakedguy April 23, 2006
One who requisitions funds from pleasing other men in a method also known as wailing on the skin flute. Also Phillip's middle names
Phillip is a professional pirate smoker with a capital P
by Phillip December 04, 2003

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