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one who is a pirate, a gangsta, AND ninja, all in one.
originally formed by Pirate Kelsey & Pirate Laura when they had a fight and Pirate laura joined with the ninjas - therefor becoming Ninja Laura.
peter piper couldn't choose, so he became a gangsta.
then they all became friends again and formed the Pirate Gangsta Ninjas.

yeah, bitch.
Pirate Kelsey: i hate you! you cant be a pirate anymore!!Pirate Laura: i hate you too!, FINE!
*pirate laura becomes ninja laura*
Ninja laura: yeah bitch now i'm a ninja!!
*peter piper becomes gangsta*

-- some time later --

Pirate Kelsey: can we be friends again?
Ninja laura: YES!!
peter piper: YAY!!!!!

*they form the pirate gangsta ninja team*
by Pirate Lauraa August 17, 2006
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