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The coolest, funniest hobbit on lord of the rings. When u think someone is cool and funny you call them pippin.
Hey that guy is a damn pippin.
by Tiffany November 11, 2003
Played by Billy Boyd, Pippin has an excellent singing voice and is one of the cutest Fellowship members! If you see a sweet hobbit-looking boy you can call him a Frodo, but if he also has a sense of humour you call him Pippin.
Have you seen that new lad, such a Pippin!
by Radclyffe January 22, 2004
A wounderfully awesome musical! In it is people performing a play/musical about Charlemagne's son Pippin. The music is amazing!
I just saw Pippin and can't wait to get the soundtrack!
by creativefire March 15, 2005
high on drugs,
medical condition which requires the smoking of large amount of cannabis(resin or bud form)
Medical Name;pipinusreckticus
i'm high as a "pippin"
dont do drugs or you'll be a pippin
by adrian May 07, 2005
A losers version of "pimpin"
NERD: OMGosh those suspenders are so pippin'!!!
OTHER NERD: I no *snort snort*
by goobert92 January 04, 2005
David Karp's small, weak minded dog. He has no when he is getting cussed at. He spends his days taking long naps in the sun and also in some of his favorite haunts. His favorite haunt is david's bed where he is free to insert his penis into david's mouth and pleasure david as well. that is, before david's dad joins the party.
o ya david. u no u like it like that. hes workin his back.
by LZ November 23, 2004
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