In Filipino Spanish, Americanized Filipinos in opposition to true blue Filipinos of Hispanic allegience.
Sionil José es un pinoy redomado
Sionil José is an inveterate Pinoy

En las Filipinas de hoy solo hay pinoyes
In today's Philippines there's only Pinoy ones
by fonsucu February 28, 2009
a colloquial for "Filipino." Just like "yanks" for Americans. And no you fucking geniuses, it is not derogatory in any way so it cannot be compared with the n-word. It is the most proficient english speaking nation in Asia unlike some are inferring.
A true blue pinoy, who wrote a definition of pinoy, is not a pinoy. He probably might be a malysian so ergo, he does not know what the fuck he's talking about, showing how incredibly stupid his race is. Plus, actually very few pinoys use "jaja" and they do because pinoys were once colonized by Spain u Malaysian piece of shit!
by pinoy_gooner October 22, 2008
the vast majority of population who are so fucking addicted to fucking Friendster
add me on friendster i'm pinoy what the hell
by A.Knicks December 14, 2008
Pinoy is just slang for filipino. ALSO Pinay is slang for filipina. Thats it. Point blank. I read all these other definitions and they all sound like the answer you would get from a true redneck or ignorant motherfucker. Ya'll know nothing soo ima skool ya'll. I gave you the true definition. COMING FROM A PINOY MOUTH. Pinoy Pride all day everyday. If your not pinoy or have no respect, fall the fuck back.
1.Hoy pare!
2.Whats up? And I didn't know you were Pinoy.
1.Yup, filipino pride all day!
by J.DYSON ''SCAR'' October 13, 2009
fucking dirty asian chink fucks think they are cool by calling eachother pinoy. like jesus fucking christ get a job and learn some english. your country is a joke and you people smell worse than samoans.
"I'm pinoy, I have no job and I'm lazier than a god damn beaner. I like to play HON cause its free and I'm poor as shitfuck. I'm almost black, but at least black people steal to support themselves. I don't do shit. Dirty cock fuck chink bastard lazy cunt chink chink chink."
by hitleragain January 04, 2010
Pinoy is the 'tagalog' term used indicating Filipinos in Philippines or in any other country where Filipinos lived. They were always discriminated as a slow, low graded people in other foreign country. Which is not true! Not all the pinoy/pinay(for women) were the same. Dont judge as way too low. Live in our shoes before you judge us. They're all talented, but some of them were just plain lazy to discover it. But theyre all people too. They rock.
Pinoy were proud being themselves.

Pinoys doesnt care whatever your nationality, they'll just be hospitable to you. Even if you'll just discriminating them, all of you damn criticizers.
by x-t-h-e-a-x May 01, 2006
Pinoy - a substitute word for "Filipino", native of Philippine Islands. The term is proudly preferred by many especially those outside the Philippine islands because of so many negative things that were associated with the word filipino such as no originality and good only at copying (software, music, traditions, national identity - they like to think they are "Asians" and so many others). People who call themeselves PINOY loves to be attached to other nationalities and immediately copy their traits and discriminate their fellow Pinoys who are not yet successful in filipino deceitful ways.
Carrick's neighbor, the one stalking Kiana is Pinoy.
by Zardmor January 20, 2008
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