2 in the pink, one in the stink. need there be more said ??
I gave her the PinkyStinky last night.
by camp3sino September 08, 2003
Top Definition
BIG FAT sloppy kids who are too damn lazy to take the steps so they take the elevator to cafeterias to get some more food to eat.
yo man look at pinky stinky gettin off the elevator again
by pinky stinky May 17, 2006
The occurrence of getting oral sex then proceeding to pull out and climate in one eye then turning around and breaking wind in the other.
Hey bro! Me and Sarah just did a Pinky Stinky in the coat closet.
by A-Train2142 October 15, 2015
the act of a male eating pussy while a female is on the toilet taking a poop
Hey man i slipped some ex-lax in my girls drink man i got that pinky stinky last night
by homie goat boy April 07, 2011
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