Japanese for pink.
This pinku bento box is really kawaii! ^_^
by Exorcism Tongs June 02, 2003
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(That's Japanese for pink)
A Bento Box should not be pinku or have pictures of cartoon characters on it
by Morgan June 02, 2003
Japanese term for pink.
It can't be pinku (Japanese for pink).
by foot June 02, 2003
The pinkish bruise that appears when you slap someone in the face with your penis.
-"Hey, can I give you a pinkus"?
-"What's a pinkus"?
-"Go look in the mirror."
by Crocomire July 21, 2006
use this word in any context
how was your pinkus today?

Your such a pinkus.

to be soo ill nasty at everything
Will is Pinkus
by Will Pinkus May 21, 2004
Commonly called "Suknip" (backwards for Pinkus)

One who has a pink-ass or pink-puss
Often referred to as a Pink-eye, meaning one of the Pinkus's
Mistaken for one with pink eye

Creator/Reason for the Victoria's Secret Pink line
What a Pinkus!
Yo Pinkus, sup *head nod*
by beingpinkus April 11, 2010

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