Japanese term for pink.
It can't be pinku (Japanese for pink).
by foot June 02, 2003
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(That's Japanese for pink)
A Bento Box should not be pinku or have pictures of cartoon characters on it
by Morgan June 02, 2003
Japanese for pink.
This pinku bento box is really kawaii! ^_^
by Exorcism Tongs June 02, 2003
The pinkish bruise that appears when you slap someone in the face with your penis.
-"Hey, can I give you a pinkus"?
-"What's a pinkus"?
-"Go look in the mirror."
by Crocomire July 21, 2006
use this word in any context
how was your pinkus today?

Your such a pinkus.

to be soo ill nasty at everything
Will is Pinkus
by Will Pinkus May 21, 2004
Commonly called "Suknip" (backwards for Pinkus)

One who has a pink-ass or pink-puss
Often referred to as a Pink-eye, meaning one of the Pinkus's
Mistaken for one with pink eye

Creator/Reason for the Victoria's Secret Pink line
What a Pinkus!
Yo Pinkus, sup *head nod*
by beingpinkus April 11, 2010

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